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What’s Whois Lookup by Helper Tools?

Our tool conveys a complete information about any website or domain and that too, with just a single click.

How to Use Whois Lookup?

Our tool requires only one input and that is the URL of the website or domain. In no time, a complete picture about the domain will be delivered by our highly effective and reliable tool.

Features of Whois Lookup

Our extremely useful tool is equipped with the following features:-


We truly value your time. You can analyze up to 10 different domains simultaneously. Just remember to enter each domain in a separate line.


Our tool will update whether your domain is currently registered or otherwise.

Name Servers

This feature will generate the domain name servers that the website is using.


Who is the registrar of this domain?


Our tool will also convey when the domain is scheduled to expire.

Additional Domain Particulars

The tool will generate some additional particulars about the domain but these are subject to availability of info.

  • Domain location
  • Contact numbers
  • Name of domain administrators
  • Domain admin’s email address

Importance of Whois Lookup

This apparently simple tool conveys very reliable and useful info about a website or domain. Here are some key reasons you should use our tool.

Domain Administrator

Let’s say you come across a good website over the internet that produces content closely related to your niche. You strongly feel there is a lot of room for improvement and collaboration.

For this to happen, you will first have to contact the legitimate administrator of that website. By using our tool, you will be able to find contact details of the webpage or domain admin(s) to discuss further prospects.


Copyright and content infringement violations are a common occurrence over the internet. Whenever any such violation comes to light, you have to report the matter to the concerned platform.

This is key to protecting your content over the internet. This proactive approach by you also acts as a strong deterrent for others that may be considering to misuse your content.

Competitive Analysis

Over the internet, you simply cannot produce content in total isolation. You have to maintain a general idea of what other competitors in you niche are up to.

Using our tool, you can gain valuable insights about your competing domains. Let’s say the content on your website is better than your competition but the domain is still not doing well in SERPs.

When you analyze a competitor’s domain using our Whois Lookup tool, you discover that your competitor is using a much superior web hosting service.

By gaining this valuable insight, you can immediately improve the performance of your website or domain just by shifting your hosting company to a better one.

Domain Acquisition

Consider you are prospecting for a domain from the market. You have set your eyes on a particular domain but it is not up for sale in the open market.

By using our tool, you may reach out to the owner or administrator of that domain and inquire whether there is any chance of selling that domain. You can improve your odds of acquiring a domain of your choice.

Link Sharing

This is also a common quid pro quo over the internet. You contact other websites closely related to your niche and explore link sharing opportunities. In this way, you exchange links between domains.

This strategy improves the link profile of both websites and works in favor of all the parties involved. To do so, you generally need to contact the admin of the website and our tool provides the requisite info.

Tip for Using Whois Lookup Tool

In order to effectively track your competitors and changes in their websites or domains, you should maintain a regular record of the results of this tool.

This way, you will not only be tracking your competitors but also taking corrective measures as and when required. All these efforts will go a long way in improving your SEO metrics and SERPs Rankings .

Why Whois Lookup by Helper Tools?

Our tool is highly reliable and intuitive. It simultaneously generates info about 10 domains. Our tool delivers the latest information about the website or domain you are analyzing.