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What is MY IP Tool?

Helper Tools has designed the What is My IP tool that displays your IP Address, its location and a few additional details.

How to Use “What is My IP”?

The great feature of our tool is that it does not require any input from you whatsoever. You will simply visit our tool and within no time, your exact IP address and its location will be displayed in front of you.

Features of “What is My IP”

Our highly effective and comprehensive tool will convey the following info about your IP:-

  • Map of IP Address
  • Your IP
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Country Code
  • ISP
  • Latitude and longitude

What is an IP Address?

IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. The term “protocol” refers to the guidelines and regulations that govern computer networks. Address refers to the unique set of numbers, and at times even some letters, that is assigned to your specific device either temporarily or permanently.

An IP address is not merely assigned to computers. On the contrary, every device that becomes part of any network is assigned a unique IP Address. It forms one of the most critical and fundamental building blocks of any functional network.

Why are IP Addresses Required?

To better understand IP Address, you can compare this concept with your home or office address. Whenever someone wants to send you something, your specific address will be provided to a courier and the parcel will arrive at your doorstep.

Networks and even the whole internet also function in the exact same manner. There are billions of devices that are part of the internet. These devices are constantly sharing data and information as and when required. We will explain this concept with a simple example of your visit to an e-commerce website.

Importance of IP Address

You visit Amazon.com and develop interest in a product. You want to obtain additional information about its features and price. You will simply click on the details button and Amazon’s server will prepare to relay this info to your PC. The question is, how will the server know where to send the queried details?

Well, the answer is your unique IP Address. When you queried the product’s details, your IP address was obtained by the server. Now, within a few milliseconds, Amazon’s server will relay all the details of that product right to your PC. As all this happens in the background at super fast pace, we do not realize the whole process at all.

Types of IP Address

In all, there are four different types of IP Address which are:-

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. Static
  4. Dynamic

A private IP is used only inside a particular network. A public IP is used for transmitting data or information outside a network.

Diff b/w Static and Dynamic IP

A static IP Address is permanently assigned to a particular device. Every time such a device interacts with a network or another device, its IP remains unchanged. Static IPs are relatively uncommon and have to be assigned manually, as opposed to dynamic IPs.

A dynamic IP, as the name suggests, keeps on changing. Every fresh instance in which a device connects to a network, it will be assigned a different IP address that will be valid only for that particular session. It is pertinent to mention that the same IP address can never be assigned to two devices simultaneously.

Who Assigns Dynamic IPs

Upon studying dynamic IPs, a valid question that pops up in our minds is who assigns and controls dynamic IPs? Well, this role is performed by our Internet Service Providers (ISP) through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers. The moment we connect to the internet, our ISP assigns us a dynamic IP for that session.

Versions of IP Address

Currently, there are two versions of IP Address that are simultaneously being used over the internet. One is IP version 4 (IPv4) and the other is IP version 6 (IPv6). The key difference among them is that IPv4 are 32 bits long, while IPv6 IP addresses are 128 bits long.

Why Knowing Your IP Address Helps?

Although it may sound irrelevant to you, knowing your IP address is quite helpful at times, here’s how:-


When you are using public connections, you can observe any unusual pattern in your IP address and avoid performing any sensitive information exchange over it; such as your credit card or social security number.

Backlink Analysis

When analyzing your backlinks profile, if a large proportion of links are coming from the same IP, consider them as substandard and even spam. It is better to even remove such backlinks to avoid hurting your rankings.

Your Location

This use of IP address location works both ways. At times, you want to browse the internet from your actual location. In some scenarios such as buying airline tickets, you may save a few bucks by using an IP address that shows you at some other location.


While troubleshooting some network related problems, ISP or other tech support might request your IP. In such scenarios, it always helps to know you IP Address in advance.

Why Use “What is My IP” by Helper Tools?

You don’t need any input to avail our intelligent tool. Simply login to our tool’s URL and automatically receive all the pertinent details about your IP Address at a moment’s notice.