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About Keyword Position Checker


Free Online Google Keyword Position Checker SERP Checker | Helper Tools

What is Keyword Position Checker?

Helper Tools has designed the Keyword Position Checker which determines the position or rank of a URL or keywords in search results on Google and Yahoo search engines

How to Use Keyword Position Checker?

Just follow these few simple steps to get the desired results with utmost relevance and accuracy.

Steps for Keywords

  • Enter the URL you want to analyze, whether own or some competitor’s.
  • Enter up to 10 keywords in our tool, 1 per line.
  • Select the Postions up to which you want this keyword tool to search on the two search engines.
  • Press the “Find Keyword Position” button and our tool will deliver the results in just a few seconds.


Our tool will return the position of keywords that the specific URL holds in search results. These results will focus on Google and Yahoo, the two most popular search engines

Features of Keyword Position Checker

Helper Tools has designed this tool to deliver valuable insights about a specific domain or keywords. Our tool enables you to conduct a two dimensional analysis of your or some competitor’s website.

If you want to analyze a particular website for some specific keywords, our intelligent tool is here to deliver the results. All you have to do is enter the URL and up to 10 random keywords.

Our tool will tell you the exact position that domain holds in search results for the specific keywords you had input in our tool. This is a very valuable piece of information and one can outline a content development strategy hereon.


Why are Search Rankings Important?

There are billions of websites across the web, having trillions of pages with content. Each website or piece of content is centered on a core subject. Take the example of a blog post whose core subject is healthy lifestyle.

To cover this subject, the author may touch multiple aspects to achieve a healthy lifestyle. They may include exercise, healthy diet, sleep and stress management.

Once the author touches these multiple subjects, a lot of keywords that are pertinent to the “health” niche will get featured in that post. When search engine crawlers visit this post, they will scoop up vital keywords.

With every passing day, search engine crawlers are getting more intelligent. They can now identify related keywords embedded in a post and also correlate them with the billions of searches performed each day.

Search Results and Keywords

To understand the dynamics of search engines, you will have to dig deep into the basic building block, which is “Keywords”. In simple words, it is an “identifier” of the content you have created over the web.

The keywords you use in your content reflect about the core subject matter you have tried to cover. Search engines try to mix and match your keywords with the intent of the people using search engines.

The sole aim of search engines is to deliver the most relevant search results in the least amount of time. Therefore, the content with the most relevant keywords will be given priority by search engines in their results (SERP).

This is where the real battle begins. Every content creator on the web is aiming to please search engines in a way that it ranks among the top few places in the SERPs, which for simplicity is the first page at best.

How many times have you typed a query in a search engine and scrolled beyond the top 3-5 ranked URLs or pages for that query? Perhaps the answer to this question would be none, and it’s perfectly understandable.  

Tips for Using Keyword Position Checker

  • Identify the main competitor for your niche and geography.
  • Check where your competitor ranks in SERPs for important keywords.
  • Analyze the competitor’s content that is focused around those keywords.
  • Compare and identify weaknesses in your content and areas for improvement.
  • Improve your content by making it more engaging and information oriented.
  • Over time, the search rankings of your content should start showing improvement.
  • Keep repeating the process using our tool and focus on adding value for your audience.

Why Keyword Position Checker by Helper Tools?

Our team of developers has designed this tool to analyze your domain, as well as those of your main competitors. The intelligent tool enables you to conduct analysis for two most popular search engines as they rely on different algorithms.