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What is Ping Website Tool by Helper Tools?

Using our highly effective tool, get your website or URLs immediately indexed in top search engines and increase organic traffic within a brief timespan.

How to Use Ping Website Tool?

As our tool is highly intuitive, you can enter either a hostname or an IP address. Then, you will press the “Submit” button and our tool will automatically initiate the ping website utility. Our tool will also generate the results for the entire process in no time.

Features of Ping Website Tool

Our tool is very feature rich and intuitive. Here are its key features:-

Hostname or Target IP

You can ping a fully qualified Domain Name or a Target IP.


Status Report

Our tool will generate a comprehensive status report for of the ping. HelperTools will show you

  1. Actual Ping response from our servers to the desired destination
  2. Packets transmitted and packet loss
  3. Latency in Milli-seconds
  4. Min, Max and Average

In addition to the Ping results, HelperTools will also show you details of the hostname/IP that was pinged. This includes:

  1. Target IP / Hostname
  2. City
  3. Region
  4. Country
  5. Country Code
  6. ISP
  7. Latitude
  8. Longitude

Importance of Ping Website Tool

The ping utlity is the most commonly used Network troubleshooting tool. In addition to confirming whether the destination is up or not, it also provides you insights into other useful information such as packet loss, latency and TTL etc.

What is Ping and How Does it Work?

A “Ping” is a test that determines whether an IP address or web host is reachable over the internet. This test is performed by sending data packets to web hosts and listening for their replies.

The Ping test will measure the time taken by data packets to reach from the ping source to the web host and then back. If this interval falls within the prescribed time range in milliseconds, the test is considered a success.

Simple Definition of Ping

You can consider a ping as a “hey, are you there” message sent by a tool like ours to the server that is hosting a domain or URL. If there is a positive response that “yeah, I am here” in time, the ping test is successful.

Ping Test and Servers

There are millions of servers over the web that have stored terabytes of data about specific subjects and niches. When a searcher types a query over the internet, the search engine refers the query to the relevant server.

Then, the relevant server presents that user with the most relevant results through the search engine. So, it’s really important that your domain or URL is accessible to servers when they are submitting search results.

Advantages of Ping Website Tool

  • Check the visibility of your domain, webpage or content over the internet, so that it features in SERPs.
  • Get your content crawled and indexed as soon as you publish or edit it, protecting against any misuse.
  • Check whether the response time of your web host is within the prescribed range of 200 to 400 milliseconds.

Why Ping Website Tool by Helper Tools?

Our tool allows to you enter hostname or target IP. The the tool will also generate a comprehensive report when the ping test is complete.