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About Meta Tag Generator


Free Meta Tag Generator | Title, Description, Keywords

What is Meta Tag Generator by Helper Tools?

Our tool will generate all the Meta or Metadata Tags for your webpage or domain, in line with the laid down standards and specifications.

How to Use Tag Generator?

We have designed our tool to be very intuitive and user friendly. You will simply enter the meta tags as per the tool’s prescribed guidelines.

In the case of some tags, you will select the appropriate option from a drop down list. When you have given all the inputs, just press the “Generate MetaTags” button.

Within no time, our tool will generate all the Meta tags in HTML format. You can then  “Copy” and  "Paste" the html in your site

Just open the source code of your website or domain and paste the generated HTML code in the head section of the source code.

All the Meta tags of your website or domain are now up to date, thanks to our superb and free Meta Tag Generator.

Functions of the Tag Generator

Our tool has the following inputs or functions:-

Site Title

This tag appears in the top left corner of your browser’s window and shows very briefly what the website is all about.

Site title tag also appears as a clickable blue link in the Search Engine Results (SERP) Page. Clicking this link will bring the user to your webpage or domain.

The recommended length of your Meta title is 60 characters (with spaces). Any characters in excess of this limit will be truncated / censored by most search engines.

Site Description

This tag appears right below the Site title tag on the Search Engine Results (SERP) page. It gives a brief summary of what the user is likely to find by visiting your webpage or domain.

Suggested length of your Meta description is 150 characters (with spaces). Any characters in excess of this limit will not be shown in SERPs by most search engines.

Site Keywords

You may specify two to three target keywords about the content on your webpage. Remember to separate each target keyword with a comma. Consider the Meta keyword Tag as your target keywords.


You will specify whether you want search engine robots to index this webpage in their record. Your webpage will show in search results only if you allow search robots to index it.  


Then, you will specify whether the links on your webpage are “follow” or “no follow”. All links with the “no follow” attribute are not awarded any link equity by search engines.

Primary Language

If your target audience understands a specific language, you can select that language with our tool. If your content is meant for a wide range of audience, then you need not specify any language for your webpage.

Site Content

Select the content coding of your site. Select UTF-8 if you are unsure.

Search Engine Crawl

Depending on the frequency with which you add or update content, you can guide search engine crawlers on how frequently should they visit to crawl your webpage for fresh content.


You may specify the name of the author in this tag. This is an optional tag but to give due credit to the creator of content, it is preferable that you fill this tag as well.

Why are Meta Tags Important?

As a content creator over the web, you have two main target audiences. First and foremost are your human audience that will be the most critical judges of your content.

The second target audience for your content are search engines themselves. Although they have little use for your content, they still serve the extremely important function of serving search results.

There are billions of websites over the internet and perhaps several billion webpages. How would a user over the internet find out your content among these billions of resources.

Well, the answer is search engines. As a user, you will simply type in your query in a search engine and it will serve you with the most recent, authentic and relevant results.

When search engine crawlers visit your webpage or domain to crawl it for potential queries and keywords, they also duly take into account the Meta tags or metadata tags.

This is where our tool comes in really handy. With the help of our tool, you will be able to enter all the important meta tags in a well structured and recommended manner.

Meta Tags and Search Ranking

Although Meta tags are not a very important ranking factor, properly filled tags will definitely help the overall cause of improving your rankings in search engine results.

Tips for Using Meta Tags Generator

  • You must follow the suggested character limit for your title and description Meta tags respectively.
  • Be very specific whether you want your webpage to be indexed by search engines and served in organic search results or not.

Why Tags Generator by Helper Tools?

Using our highly capable tool, you will not only be able to generate all the Meta tags for your webpage or domain, but our tool will also generate the HTML code for all the created tags.

This way, without even the basic knowledge of HTML, you will still be able to generate all the metadata tags for your domain and improve your rankings in search engine results.