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About XML Sitemap Generator


Generate Free Online Google XML Sitemap | Helper Tools

What is XML Sitemap Generator?

Helper Tools has designed the XML Sitemap Generator that gives Structured Information about your website and all its pages to the Major Search Engines in the prescribed format, which is .xml.  

How to Use XML Sitemap Generator?

We have designed our tool to be very intuitive and user friendly. Just follow these steps:-

  • Enter the following info:-
    • Domain URL
    • Modified Date (optional)
    • Content Change Frequency (optional)
    • Default Priority (optional)
    • Estimated Number of Pages (optional)
  • Press the “Generate Sitemap” button.
  • The tool will generate the following info:-
    • Number of pages in domain
    • List of broken links
    • XML file content
    • Download link for Sitemap File
  • You will download the XML Sitemap file using the provided link.
  • Place the .xml file in the “Domain Root” folder of your website by accessing its source code.

Features of XML Sitemap Generator

Helper tools has designed this solution to be packed with additional features that greatly benefit your website in the long run. Some of the key features are:-

Modified Date

You can specify a date in the tool on which you modified or updated your content last.

Content Change Frequency

Tell the tool how frequently do you add or update content on your website.

Default Priority

This feature lets you specify how much importance or priority you want to accord each specific page in your website. Preset value of default priority for any page of your website is set at None.

You can assign a value of Default Priority to any page between 0.1 and 1. It is pertinent to mention that this parameter does not affect your search rankings in relation to other websites.

This is a purely localized parameter through which you can tell search engine crawlers which specific pages of your website are more important than others.

Number of Pages

Once our tool has fully crawled your website, it will generate the total number of pages in your website.

List of Broken Links

The tool will also highlight pages in your website that have broken links. This way, you can either remove such broken links or modify them so as to point at some active / relevant page.


Why is XML Sitemap Important?

An XML Sitemap is extremely important for your website or domain in terms of visibility in Search Engine Results (SERP). It is a structured representation of your website to search engines.

Whenever you create and publish a new piece of content, you would like it to be immediately crawled by search engine spiders for important keywords and queries.

This way, your content has a better chance at doing well in SERPs. To fully cover your website and crawl it in a structured manner, search engine spiders / crawlers revert to your website’s XML Sitemap.

What is XML?

 The term “XML” stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a machine readable file format that is used by search engine spiders to understand and crawl your website in a structured manner.

XML Sitemap also conveys the following additional info about all your website’s URLs:-

  • When was the particular page updated last?
  • How often is the page content modified?
  • What is the internal linking structure of this URL with other pages of this website?
  • How much priority to accord this URL as compared to other URLs of that site?

How XML Sitemap Protects Your Content?

One of the biggest challenges for today’s content creators is to generate unique and engaging content on a regular basis. How would you like your unique content to be copied by someone and reproduced elsewhere?

Protecting digital content is way more challenging than other forms, but a regularly updated XML Sitemap can really protect your content against any unauthorized use or reproduction.

Whenever you raise any copyright claim against misuse of your content, an XML Sitemap will serve as a yardstick for determining the legitimate owner of that content.

In any such dispute, the content creation data as per XML Sitemap will be taken as the yardstick for who created the content in the first place.

All the more reason to not only maintain an xml sitemap for your domain using our highly effective tool, but also update it regularly to incorporate any additions or modifications to your content.

Tips for Using XML Sitemap Tool

  • After generating the XML Sitemap file from our tool, access the root directory of your website and place the Sitemap.xml file in the domain root folder.
  • Login to your Google Search Console / Webmaster and add the sitemap URL there.
  • Always get your sitemap verified after submitting it to Google’s search console, just to ensure there is no error in the format of your XML Sitemap file.

Why XML Sitemap Creator by Helper Tools?

Our tool is very effective and intuitive for users. In addition to generating your website’s XML Sitemap, our tool will convey many more insights that will go a long way in improving your content’s visibility is SERPs.