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About Word Counter


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What is Word Counter?

Helper Tools has designed the Word Counter tool so that you can determine the exact number of words and characters in any piece of content.

How to Use Word Counter?

You can use our highly accurate and real time tool in the following ways:-

  • Copy and paste your content in our tool directly
  • Click on Count Words Button

Once done pasting, you will simply click the “Count Words” button and our tool will count the exact number of words and characters in your content in no time.

Features of Word Counter

Our tool may appear quite basic but it is packed with many interesting stats about your content.

Detailed Stats

In addition to total words, this tool will also calculate total characters “with” and “without” spaces.

Importance of Word Counter

Today’s internet driven environment is highly geared towards word count. Remember those days when our cellular phones would not support SMS beyond a certain word count and how annoying that was.

Counting the words and characters in your content can be a daunting challenge and a near impossible task. Our brief attention span simply can’t keep track of each and every word written in the content.

Real Time Example

There are many social media or interactive platforms and services over the internet that simply do not support any content beyond a prescribed word limit. Two of the most common examples are Facebook and Twitter. 

In cases where you exceed the prescribed word count, your message or post ends up bring truncated by the strong word count algorithms of many modern internet enabled platforms.

Our tool is extremely helpful if you are yourself a content creator. The tool not only keeps a real time track of your word count, but also conveys many additional useful insights about your content.

In addition to content creators, our tool is equally preferred by content managers, who simply cannot afford the time of digging deep into the content of each contributor.

As a content manager, you can immediately evaluate the quality and quantity of content and if it meets certain minimum criteria, only then would you consider vetting the content for your platform.


Why is Word Count Important?

Although Search Engine algorithms remain highly elusive from us, there are certain aspects of any content that would elevate its position is Search Engine Results (SERP).

Word Count is definitely one of the most reliable and time proven criteria search engines use to rank content in SERPs. Generally speaking, higher the word count, better the odds of your content doing well in organic search.

Tips for Using Word Counter

From the above discussion, please do not get obsessed with just the Word Count of your content. Remember, it is just one of the criteria search engines use to evaluate your content.

There are many other factors that influence your rankings in SERPs. Another misconception about word count is that it’s always directly proportional to how well your content may do.

You will have to maintain your word count within the prescribed or conventionally acceptable norms, otherwise it may prove detrimental to your content creation efforts. Our tool will come in real handy in such scenarios.

Why Word Counter by Helper Tools?

Helper Tools has designed its Word Counter to be way more than your average tool. This tool delivers highly accurate stats about your content.

Our tool will not stop at merely counting the words, it will generate many additional insights about your content.

Helper Tools is highly committed to protecting your privacy and the unique content you create. In pursuit of this philosophy, we do not store your content for any purpose whatsoever.

As soon as you have used our tool to analyze key aspects of your content, we will permanently remove all the content and its accompanying data from our resources.