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What is Page Authority Checker by Helper Tools?

Page Authority Checker is a very useful tool that will calculate the ability of a specific page to rank in Search Engine Results (SERP).

How to Use Page Authority Checker?

To use our tool, all you have to do is enter the URL of the webpage. In no time, our tool will compute the Page Authority and convey some additional info about the webpage. You may enter up to 20 links at one time.

Features of Page Authority Checker

Page Authority (PA)

This shows the ability of a webpage to rank in search engine results (SERP). Its value will range between 0 – 100. Higher the PA score of a webpage, the better its ability to rank in SERPs.

Export to CSV

The results can be exported into a csv file.

Why is Page Authority Important?

To better understand Page Authority (PA), consider the simple example of an organization. Every organization has a well defined hierarchy, without which it would not function in a smooth manner.

Likewise, there are millions of websites over the internet and billions of webpages embedded in those websites. How is it possible that each and every website is exactly the same?

Over the internet, no two websites even in the same niche are exactly equal. There are certain well defined metrics on the basis of which certain websites and webpages do better than others.

Page Authority (PA) is one of those crucial metrics that search engines rely on to serve organic search results to internet users. Its value will range between 0 – 100.

A higher PA implies a better authority for the webpage in the eyes of search engines. A webpage with a high PA score will end up on top of SERPs. This in turn will drive organic traffic to that webpage.

Diff b/w Page Authority and Domain Authority

Although both these terms are closely related but they are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are slightly different metrics.

Page Authority (PA)

It is the ability of a specific webpage to rank higher in search engine results (SERP).

Domain Authority (DA)

This is the ability of an entire domain or website to rank well in SERPs.

DA is a broad metric that represents the entire domain or website’s ability to do well in SERPs. PA is a much specific metric as it relates only to a webpage belonging to some domain or website.

How to Improve Your Page Authority

Now that we have discussed what PA is, let’s highlight some factors that will contribute to improving your PA score in the long run.

Domain Authority (DA)

Try to create webpages on websites with a healthy domain authority (DA). This will serve well for improving your PA as well because search engines rank pages contained in high DA websites as more authentic.


This is another key pillar of your PA boosting efforts. Some main features of your content should be that it’s relevant, engaging, reliable and plagiarism free. Search engines attach a lot of importance to your content.


To boost your PA score, you will have to consider both on and off page SEO. This in turn will improve your visibility in SERPs.

Internal Linking

Try to link your page with other relevant pages on the same website. Similarly, link your newly created webpage with all existing pages over your website that have related content.

This will create a strong internal links profile of your website and elevate its position in search engine rankings.

External Linking

Focus on getting even a few quality external backlinks for your newly created webpage. These links should come from relevant domains with DA that is equal to or better than your website.

Broken Links

Regularly scan your webpage and website for broken links by using our tool. Rectify or remove all broken links to improve your visibility in SERPs.

Why Page Authority Checker by Helper Tools

Our tool is very user friendly and requires only one input. The bonus features in our tool will convey a lot of useful info about your webpage and domain. You can easily track and improve your PA score with this tool.