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What is Link Analyzer by Helper Tools?

It is a very useful tool that analyzes all Internal and External Links of a webpage, domain or website. Improve your rankings by taking your links profile to the next level.

How to Use Website Link Analyzer?

Our tool is very user friendly and requires only two inputs. Firstly, you will enter the URL of the webpage or domain whose links you want to analyze.

Then, you will select the type of links the tool should display. You can select one of the following three options:-

  1. Internal links only
  2. External links only
  3. Both internal and external links

You will then press the “Analyze Links” button and our tool will generate a comprehensive links profile of the website in a matter of just seconds.

Features of Link Analyzer

Our tool is equipped with the following useful features:-

Total Links

Our tool will calculate the total number of links over your webpage or domain, whether internal or external.

External Links

It will generate the tally for all external links over the analyzed domain.

Internal Links

Our tool will calculate the total number of internal links over your domain.

No Follow

What the total number of “No Follow” links on the domain is.

Do Follow

The tool will also compute the total number of “Do Follow” links.

Pie Chart

In addition to the numbers, the tool will also generate a pie chart to give you a bird’s eye view of your entire link profile.

Link URL

The tool will display the complete URL of every link over the domain.

Anchor Text

Our tool will also display the exact anchor text for each link, whether internal or external.

Display Type

The tool will also specify whether the link is embedded as text or image.  

Status Type

Lastly, the tool will also specify whether a link belongs to the “follow” or “no follow” category.

In short, our Link Analyzer will generate a comprehensive report on the link profile of your website or domain.

Why is Link Analyzer Important?

A website or domain is constantly evolving. Fresh content is generally being added on a regular basis. Further, the existing content is often being modified or updated to make it more engaging.

Due to the ongoing nature of this exercise, most webmasters or content managers can’t focus on the task of keeping a complete track of their links profile.

This is where the link analyzer tool comes in really handy. Periodically, you can obtain a comprehensive report of your domain’s link profile and see where you currently stand and where you need to focus.

Link Profile and Search Rankings

The ultimate goal of any content creator is to generate unique and high quality content that connects with existing and new audience. However, creating content is just one component of the overall picture.

For your content to do well in search engine rankings (SERPs), you will now have to do better than merely creating content. Effective link building should be an integral part of your content management strategy.

Importance of Internal Links

We use internal links to connect related content over our own website. This enhances the ranking of a domain in the eyes of search engines as they deem the website’s content having a wide coverage.

Our tool delivers a complete profile of your internal links so that you can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your internal links. Identify those pages which need more internal links to fare better in SERPs.

Why are External Links Important?

From a rankings standpoint, external links carry more weight. However, the requisite for external links is that they should come from authentic and well ranking domains which are also relevant to your website’s theme.

A huge misperception about external links relates to their quantity. Always give quality priority over quantity when it comes to your external links.

As external links come from an outside source, search engine spiders attach more importance to them and this in turn pays dividends in the form of improved search rankings.

Follow v/s No Follow Links

When it comes to the status of your links, the links with “no follow” tag will not be of any use in terms of search rankings, so ignore them altogether.

Focus on building links only with the “do follow” tag as they will surely play a part in improving your domain’s ranking in search engines. Our tool will accurately identify the status of each link as follow or otherwise.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze the link profile of competing domains and identify the areas where they are performing better, especially when it comes to external links.

Why Link Analyzer by Helper Tools?

Our tool is a one stop solution to all the info you need on the link profile of any webpage or domain. Get valuable insights about your own and competitor’s link profile and surely improve your search rankings in a short time span.