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What is Keyword Suggestion Tool by Helper Tools?

Enter a main / seed keyword in our tool along with your target country and our highly intelligent tool will generate several unique keyword suggestions closely related to your lead keyword.

How to Use Keyword Suggestion Tool?

We have designed our tool to be very user friendly. You will simply enter a main keyword for your target audience.

You will then press the “Submit” button and within a few seconds, our tool will generate several unique keyword ideas that are closely related to the seed keyword.

Features of Keyword Suggestion Tool

Pool of Keywords

At the backend of our highly intelligent tool is a vast pool of billions of unique keywords. Whenever you enter a seed / main keyword in our tool, its strong algorithm will identify and dig out up to a 100 unique keywords that are closely related to your head keyword.

Why are Keywords Important?

The internet is a vast space. There are billions of people that interact with the internet on a daily basis. Each internet user has a very specific intent when coming online over the web. To accomplish the task or goal in mind, the user interacts with the internet through search engines.

Whenever someone types a query in any search engine, its super fast and powerful algorithms will immediately try to identify the intent a user had when typing this query. Based on this, search engines will serve a large number of results that are most relevant and accurate in a matter of milliseconds.

The question is, how search engines identify what a person surfing the web is actually looking for. The answer to this is “keywords”. We can consider keyword as the basic building block around which the vast space we call internet both exists and thrives.

Keyword is the unique identifier of terabytes of content that is present over the internet. Keywords are used to identify or differentiate content of all types, whether it’s in the form of text, audio, video or a combination of these. Without proper use of keywords, we would hardly find something over the internet we are actually looking for.

How is Keyword Suggestion Tool Helpful?

Every day, vast amounts of content and information is constantly being added over the web. No matter how accurate and high quality content you produce over the web, it won’t be able to do well in search results if your content does not contain the relevant keywords in the right proportion.

This by no means implies you should start stuffing your content artificially with keywords, as this would also hurt your rankings in Search Engine Results (SERP). Keywords must feature in your content in a natural manner so that end user’s experience is not affected.

In case search engines cannot find results for the exact keyword a user types in, they will serve that user with content that contains related keywords. When creating content, avoid getting too much obsessed with a single keyword and using it repeatedly.

Instead, a much better idea is to use closely related keywords to your seed / main keyword in your content. This content creation strategy will serve two purposes in a row. Firstly, you won’t be stuffing your content artificially with keywords and eventually doing harm rather than good.

Secondly, when you add closely related keywords in your content, this in turn broadens the keyword coverage of your content. If you use this strategy wisely, you will not only be targeting your main keyword, but also creating traffic opportunities through related keywords.

Tips for Using Keyword Suggestion Tool

Main Keyword

This is one of the two inputs of our tool. To get the best results, try adding single or at the most two word main keywords in our tool. This will broaden the scope for keyword suggestions that will be generated by our tool.


Why Keyword Suggestion Tool by Us?

Helper Tools has designed this solution to be simple, yet very targeted and effective. For every main keyword you enter, get several related keyword suggestions that you can instantly add to your content. Broaden the scope of your content with the least amount of effort.