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What is Keyword Density Checker by Helper Tools?

It is a highly intelligent tool that analyzes a URL or piece of content and identifies all the major keywords. Our tool not only identifies keywords, it also calculates how frequently they were used.

Keyword Density is a relative metric as it measures the number of times a keyword has been used in your content, relative to the overall length of the content.

This extremely important metric is known as Keyword Density (KD) and goes a long way in improving your ranking in search engine results (SERP).

How to Use Keyword Density Checker?

  • You can use our tool by either of the following two methods:-
    • Enter the URL you want to analyze
  • Then, you will simply press “Submit" and let our tool take care of the rest.  

Features of Keyword Density Checker

We have equipped our tool with very useful features such as:

URL Search

You can check the keyword density of an entire URL or domain directly.

Total Keywords

You will see the total keywords used on the given URL.

Count & Percentage

The tool also allows you to view the total count and percentage used of the each keyword on a given URL.

Why is Keyword Density Important?

To better understand the importance of keyword density, let’s understand the concept first.

What is Keyword Density?

In creating content, we always focus it around a particular topic, area or phrase. In the language of search engines, this is called a keyword.

A keyword is the basic building block of your content. Keywords act as unique identifiers of your content. When someone types a query in a search engine, its results are served on the basis of keywords.

Search Engine algorithms pick a specific keyword from that query and try to serve relevant search results that contain the keyword in the most relevant possible context.

Keyword Density is a very important metric that search engines use to ascertain what the main idea or subject of a content is. We can say that keyword density is an important ranking factor in SERPs.

How to Manage Keyword Density?

Although keyword density is vital for Search Engine Rankings, its actual impact and recommended range remains a mystery hidden deeply in the logic of search engine algorithms.

However, keyword density is a double edged weapon when it comes to search engine rankings (SERP) and needs to be used in moderation.

Keep the keyword density too low and search engine spiders will not be able to ascertain what your content’s main theme or target keyword is. This in turn will reduce your chances of ranking high in search results.

The other extreme, of which many content creators are guilty of, is known as keyword stuffing. In an attempt to rank higher in SERPs, some content creators tend to cram their content with target keywords.

Search engines are getting smarter with every passing minute. They can easily detect the malpractice of keyword stuffing and penalize such content by lowering its ranking in SERPs.

A very strong reason to avoid the practice of keyword stuffing is that it greatly deteriorates user experience, which is given a lot of importance by search engines these days.

Tips for Using Keyword Density Tool

What the optimal level of keyword density is remains a very elusive matter. Still, we can leverage Helper Tool’s Keyword Density Checker to objectively analyze our URL or content for this vital metric.

Here are some useful tips to remain on the beneficial side of keyword density checks:-

  • Use keywords in your content in a natural manner.
  • Avoid stuffing content with keywords, just to inflate keyword density (KD).
  • KD is a relative metric and it should be proportionate to the total length of your content.
  • Incorporate your “focus keyword” in the content’s title, headings and tags for better search engine visibility.

Why Keyword Density Checker by Helper Tools?

Our tool is extremely user friendly and accurate.

We deeply care about protecting your content that you analyze through our tool. As soon as your content has been analyzed for keyword density, it is immediately deleted from our servers permanently.