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What is Domain Authority Checker?

Domain Authority Checker by Helper Tools returns the domain authority (DA) of any website or URL that is registered over the internet.

How to Use Domain Authority Checker?

Enter up to 20 Links (Each Links must be on separate line). In no time, our highly capable tool will return the domain authority.

Features of Domain Authority Checker

Helper Tools has designed this solution as a feature packed option. Some of its key features include:-

Domain Authority

It is a key ranking metric for a specific domain or website as a whole. Its value will range from 1 to 100. Higher the value of Domain Authority (DA), greater the chances of ranking high in search engine results (SERP).

Why is Domain Authority (DA) Important?

There are billions of websites or domains over the internet. Even within a small niche, the number of competing domains may easily be in the thousands or even more.

To better understand DA, let’s consider a hypothetical example of a single niche which is pets. Presumably, there are fifty thousand domains all across the globe that are contributing content about pets.

Whenever someone on the internet types a query about pets in a search engine such as Google, it will try to deliver the most relevant and highest quality content about that query.

Remember this categorization is being done by search engines on the basis of highly complex and constantly evolving algorithms. Many studies have revealed that the top 3-5 search results get most of the clicks (CTR).

All content creators, regardless of the niche, make tireless efforts to clinch these 3-5 top spots in SERPs and also maintain them. Higher the DA of a website, greater its odds of showing up in the top few SERPs.

Factors that Influence Domain Authority

Now that we have established the importance of DA for content creators, let’s discuss some of the factors that are instrumental in increasing your DA, and improving search engine visibility.

Content Quality

This is one of the most potent factors in your DA score. Some key pointers about content are that it should be original, authentic, informative and engaging.

Content Theme

Instead of trying to create content about every niche or subject, it is better to focus on a particular niche or a handful of them and excel in those. Today’s web is becoming highly specialized and niche oriented.

Backlink Profile

This is another vital factor that contributes to your DA score. The key to backlinks is that you must focus on high quality and relevant backlinks rather than focusing on quantity. You can use our Backlink Maker Tool to create some quality backlinks.

Domain Age

The proverb that there is no substitute for experience holds true for your domain’s authority as well. The longer a domain has been around, the more influential it becomes in the “eyes” of search engines.

Volume of Content

Although not a very critical DA factor, it is always better to create broad based content about your niche. This way, you will cover the different facets of a particular subject and attract a wider target audience.

How to Interpret DA Results?

  • Ascertain the DA score for your own domain or website and see where you stand.
  • You can determine the DAs of your main competitors and track their respective trend.
  • Identify the heavyweights of your niche and analyze their layout and content for introspection.
  • Track your own DA score and analyze the effects of various promotion or link building strategies.
  • Build your content creation and SEO strategies in line with long term DA goals.

Tip for Using DA Checker

Remember that DA is just one of the key metrics of your domain. There are many underlying factors that will influence your score over time.

Secondly, some of those factors may be in your control, but there would definitely be certain factors that you do not control. So you have to remain highly focused and avoid pursuing short term or temporary gains.

The foremost objective should be to keep your website’s DA stable over time. A volatile DA score is not good and reflects a problem somewhere. After stabilization phase, you should try to improve your DA over time.

Why Domain Authority Checker by Helper Tools?

Our tool is super-fast and extremely reliable and provides your Domain Authority (DA).