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What is Broken Link Checker by Helper Tools?

Our intelligent tool will analyze your entire website and identify all the broken links. Once you have the complete information, you can easily take remedial measures.

How to Use Broken Link Checker?

We have designed this tool to be extremely user friendly. Just enter the URL of the domain / website you want to analyze and press the “Submit” button.

Within a few seconds, our tool will generate a comprehensive report about all broken links over your website. You can view this report in summarized as well as detailed form.

Features of Broken Link Checker

Our tool will convey the following information about all links over your website:-

  • List of all internel links on the website
  • List of all external links on the website
  • Status code to show the type of the link such as 200 for ok, 301 for redirect and “Page Not Found” or “404” error etc.
  • The exact URL of each link discovered on your website
  • Exact status of each link on your website, where all broken links will be highlighted in red       

Why Knowing Broken Links Counts?

The internet is a vast ecosystem that is constantly expanding. There are literally billions of webpages across the web that may or may not be related to one another.

In order to distinguish their page or content from the competition and improve search engine rankings, content creators in general and SEO experts in particular heavily rely on links.

In simple words, a link is a clickable object that once clicked, will direct the user to another webpage residing on the same website or any external website.

Generally speaking, each link acts as a vote of confidence or ratification of the content that resides over the domain or webpage. This by no means implies that the quality of each link is equal but this is another domain altogether.

In terms of location, links can broadly be classified as “internal” or “external”. If a link points to another page on the same website, it is considered an internal link.

On the other hand, if a link points to a webpage that resides over a different website altogether, it will be considered as an external link. Both internal and external links are important in SEO related efforts.

What is a Broken Link?

If you click on a random link and instead of leading to a webpage, it returns the “Page Not Found” or “404” error, the link is considered broken. It is equally probable for an internal or external link to be broken.


What Causes Broken Links?

There can be many reasons that cause a broken link. Some of the main reasons are:-

  • Webpage is not available, whether temporarily or permanently
  • The webpage to which the link is pointing has been deleted altogether
  • Permalink / URL of the webpage was subsequently modified
  • A firewall or similar software is preventing access to the webpage

Why are Broken Links Bad?

A website is the first and most important impression of your content, product or service. When someone visits your website, whether organically or by referral, it is highly likely that such user will click on links over your website.

If a user clicks on a link and it is found as broken, this will create a very bad impression of your website in the visitor’s mind. In no time, the visitor will bounce back from your website and search for the same query elsewhere.

Such a user may never return to your website, no matter how authentic and high quality content you may have produced. Broken links also penalize your ranking in search engine algorithms.

It is presumed by search engines and users alike that if there are broken links on a website, there may be other major issues with the website. This in turn will hurt your online presence in the long run.

Tips for Using Broken Link Checker

Rectifying broken links over your own website is much easier as you can yourself manage its content. In any case, these tips will prove quite helpful in both scenarios:-

  • Conduct regular audit of your website for broken links using our industry leading tool.
  • Immediately remove links that point to pages that have been permanently deleted by you.
  • Update the URL of those links whose permalink you may have modified for SEO reasons.
  • Verify if your firewall is not misconfigured as it may be preventing the link from opening properly.

If you highlight any of the above problems in external links, you will have to bring the matter in the notice of that website’s administrator.

If you find that no action is being taken, it is always better to remove the link altogether. In this way, you will at least reduce one broken external link from your website and reap the benefits.

Why Broken Link Checker by Helper Tools?

Our highly intelligent tool delivers a complete link audit of your website. It will generate both a summarized and detailed profile of your domain’s links which will prove very helpful for search rankings and user experience.