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What is Backlink Maker?

Backlink Maker by Helper Tools is a great and super-fast way of creating quality backlinks, just be entering your URL and clicking a button. Take your SEO to the next level with this highly effective tool.

How to Use Online Free Backlink Maker Tool?

The tool is super easy to use, just follow these simple steps:-

  • Enter the URL of the page or website for which you want to create backlinks in our tool.
  • Simply click the “Submit” button and let our tool take care of the rest.

Once a list of all relevant websites is generated, our tool will automatically start generating backlinks for your page or website.

To keep you posted on the link building process, our Backlink Maker tool will also display the status for each prospective backlink. Websites over which backlinks have been created successfully will be displayed in green. In case a backlink can’t be created over a particular website, it will be highlighted in red.

SEO knows no languages, so keeping this in mind, our tool supports multiple languages which include English, Russian, Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Chinese. 

Features of Backlink Maker

  • Our tool first identifies webpages and websites that are relevant to your content or niche. This results in creating high quality backlinks, even if they are fewer in number.
  • You will be able to view a complete list of pages and websites that are relevant to your niche.
  • The tool will automatically start creating backlinks with a single click.
  • Our tool will display the exact status of each attempt to create a backlink.
  • Successfully created backlinks will be indexed by crawlers as soon as they visit the page or site again.

Why are Backlinks Important for Website Rankings in 2020?

Backlinks are a very important building block of your content creation strategy. In today’s cut throat competition, merely creating high quality and unique content is just not enough. To stay ahead of your competition, you will have to rely on quality backlinks.

Let’s first understand what a backlink is. Over the web, you can consider it as some sort of a referral or certification about the content of your website from an independent source. The more backlinks you create for a certain page or site, the better its chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

One common misconception about backlinks is that only their quantity matters, no matter where they are coming from. On the contrary, it is the quality of backlinks that will help your page or site in the long term. There are two key aspects to quality.

Firstly, the page or site linking back to you should have some sort of relevance with the content you have created over your platform. Secondly, it is always preferred that the backlink should be coming from a source of a higher Domain Authority. This factor greatly improves the quality of your backlink.

Search engines today address billions of user queries each day and if you have quality backlinks to supplement your content, you have a very good chance of making it to the top page of Search Engine Results (SERP). This will generate purely organic and search engine driven traffic to your content platform, which is a dream come true.

Lastly, backlinks play an important role in maintaining your position in search results as well. It is often said that it is easy to rank for a particular query or keyword, but very difficult to maintain that position. Every content creator is aiming for the top few slots of SERPs.

Analysis of the backlink profile of top ranking pages and sites has proven that relevant and quality backlinks, even if few in number, have played a key role in maintaining the search engine rankings. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you make backlink creation an integral part of your content management strategy.

One thing to remember is that the impact of backlinks will not become evident immediately after this exercise. The improvement in your SERP rankings will become visible in a while. Secondly, this should be an ongoing exercise and our automated tool makes the painstaking task of backlink creation truly a breeze. 

Why Backlink Maker by Helper Tools?

Our backlink maker is a very intelligent and capable tool that can identify the most relevant pages and sites, so that you get the best quality links.

It is an absolutely free tool and the only input required from your side is the URL for which you wish to create backlinks.

Our tool rids you of the trouble of singing up over different sites and forums, before even attempting to make backlinks. Most such backlinks are otherwise removed shortly after being created.

Our Backlink Maker is a very result oriented tool that will automatically create backlinks for you and also keep you posted about the success rate for each backlink creation attempt.