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About Article Rewriter


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What is Article Rewriter?

Helper Tools has designed a very intelligent Article Rewriter / Paraphrasing Tool which is capable of adding value to the written content you produce. Our tool also makes your content unique and versatile by improving its vocabulary

How to Use Article Rewriter?

Our tool is extremely easy. You will simply paste your content in the tool’s box and click “Submit”.

In no time, our tool will transform your content into a much more refined and value added product. The tool will highlight all those words whose replacement is required, in a matter of just seconds.  

You may rephrase the whole article with the press of a single button.

Features of Article Rewriter

Helper Tools has designed its Article Rewriter with the main goal of adding value to your content. It has many tricks up its sleeve to accomplish this goal, some of which are:-

Contextual Understanding

Whenever you upload a piece of content on our tool, it first makes a contextual outline of what you’ve written. As the tool will ultimately suggest improvements to your content, it is absolutely critical that our tool first understands the context of the article, news or blog etc.

Vocabulary Analysis

Once our tool has understood the context of your piece of writing, it will then move towards analyzing the vocabulary you have used. This is where the main magic happens. Our Article Rewriter will greatly enhance the value of content by suggesting much improved words, both qualitatively and contextually.

Synonyms Pool

To make our tool industry leading, we have designed a vast pool of words that act as a vocabulary hub. Based on the words you have used in your content, our algorithm will search for improved and contextually relevant words as replacements for the originally used vocabulary.

One Click Operation

If you are short on time, you can rephrase your entire article with a single click. Once our tool has suggested the changes to your content, you will simply press the “Submit” button and all those changes will be automatically incorporated in your content.

Why are Article Rewriters Used?

You may be wondering how and why an article rewriter is relevant in the first place. Let’s address this question in the next few lines.


Content Creation

Producing content from scratch is a very difficult task. To produce quality content, you need a steady flow of new ideas and the ability to convert these ideas into substantive content. When you are writing content, you should never disrupt the flow of ideas by focusing too much on vocabulary. 

This is where our tool comes in really handy. Just write your ideas freely as, how and when they are flowing. You can leave the rest to our Article Rewriter. Our tool will identify all the weak words in your content and suggest much improved and relevant words instead. This will make your content more appealing. 

Review of Submitted Content

This tool is equally effective if you’re someone who reviews the content of others. It is virtually impossible to review and then add value to each and every piece of content you come across as a content manager. Our tool will take care of this workload for you very effectively.

Search Engines

With every passing day, the algorithms of search engines are getting more and more intelligent. Among a host of ranking factors, content quality and vocabulary used are very crucial. This is exactly the area where our tool will get the job done and in turn, improve your search engine rankings (SERP).

Engaging Content

No one likes to read dull and predictable content. On the contrary, today’s reader wants the content to be informative and engaging at the same time. We have designed our tool in a way that makes your content more engaging for the target audience. This factor will also help your search rankings.

Tips for using Article Rewriter

You can extract the best results from our tool by following these very simple hacks:-

  • Get your content reviewed by our tool as a whole for better contextual results.
  • Proof read our tool’s rephrased content for any grammatical or contextual errors.
  • Ensure that the tool has inserted synonyms with the correct spellings, to avoid homonyms.
  • Verify that both the original intent and context of the reviewed text is maintained.

Why Article Re-Writer by Helper Tools?

Our article rewriting / rephrasing tool is extremely effective and efficient. It makes your content more engaging, improves its vocabulary and elevates organic search rankings (SERP) to increase its outreach.