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What is “Domain to IP”?

Domain to IP by Helper Tools conveys you the IP Address of any website or domain that is registered over the web.

How to Use “Domain to IP”?

To use our tool, you will simply enter the Name or URL of any domain (e.g and the tool will display its IP Address in no time.

Features of “Domain to IP” Tool

Our industry leading tool does not convey just the IP Address, but the following additional details as well:-

  • IP Address of the host
  • Country
  • ISP

What is a Domain Name?

To better understand a domain name, just consider the example of your own name. It is your unique identifier that distinguishes you from all the other people around. The only difference is that we humans may have similar names but so far as domain names are concerned, no two domains can have the exact same name.

In order to distinguish the billions of websites or domains registered over the web, each one of them is assigned a unique name. If a domain name that you have visualized for your product or service already exists, you are left with only two options:-

  1. Either select a new name for your domain that is not yet taken
  2. Purchase the domain from its rightful owner for future use

Why are Domain Names Used?

Over the web, a domain name is exactly similar to the name of a specific brand you encounter in your daily life. Once again, take the example of In addition to being a domain name, it has now become an international brand that is one of the world’s most successful e-commerce platforms.

The other reason for using domain names extensively is the ease of remembering them. It is much easier to understand and even memorize a domain name, as compared to the much lengthy and complicated underlying IP Address. Their latest version called IPv6, is 128 bits long.

Relationship b/w Domain Name and IP Address

Each website or domain that is registered over the internet is assigned a unique IP Address. It works just like your home or office address, whereby you can receive any item that is dispatched to this specific address. An IP Address is a unique combination of numbers and letters that is virtually impossible to memorize.

To facilitate the remembering and recalling of any IP Address, it is assigned a unique domain name. In simple words, we can consider the domain name as a convenient alternative of an IP Address. Billions of websites on the internet communicate and share information with each other via their respective IP addresses.

The IP Address of any domain is its unique identifier over the internet and used for both incoming and outgoing communication. No two websites over the internet can have exactly similar domain name or IP Address. Terabytes of data is transmitted every second over the internet with IP Address as a key identifier.

Importance of “Domain to IP”

The domain name of any particular website or business concern does not convey detailed information. To dig deeper, you will need additional info which is conveyed by the IP Address. In this way, you can ensure there is no unusual pattern or behavior that may be a cause for concern.

Suppose you want to initiate a business contract with a company whose domain name indicates it is based in USA. When you dig out the IP Address of that domain using our highly intelligent Helper Tools solution, its location is showing South Africa. Before you proceed, you must clarify this anomaly.

The entity in question must have a logical explanation for this wide discrepancy, otherwise it is a cause for concern. Suppose you want to outsource a business process to a company that claims to be based in USA but location of its IP Address is somewhere in Asia. This issue needs to be clarified before moving ahead.

Competitor Analysis

Over your website, suppose you are selling a quality product at an aggressive price but it is not doing well. One of your competitors is performing much better in terms of website metrics. When you analyze the domain of your competitor using our tool, you find from the IP’s location that the domain is hosted in USA.

Your domain’s IP address is showing its hosting location somewhere in the Caribbean. It is but obvious that the US based hosting company is far superior in performance. Keeping this in view, you can immediately convert the hosting company of your website to USA and observe visibly better results in a matter of few weeks.

Why “Domain to IP” by Helper Tools?

Our highly intelligent tool not only conveys the IP Address of your domain, but also delivers a host of additional information which includes its hosting location, country, region and even city.