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What is Domain Age Checker by Helper Tools?

This highly reliable tool will calculate the age of any domain registered over the internet. The tool will also convey a lot of additional information about that domain.

How to Use Domain Age Checker?

All you need to do is enter the URL of the domain in our tool and press the “Get Domain Age” button. In no time, our tool will generate all the info related to that domain.

Features of Domain Age Checker

We have designed our tool to be highly effective, yet user friendly. The tool comes with the following useful features:-


Your time is really valuable, so our tool is designed to be very simple. All you have to do is enter the URL of the domain.

Name of Domain

The tool will convey the formally registered name of the domain being analyzed, including any subdomain if applicable.


Our tool will compute the age of that domain from the very first day it was registered till date. The age will be highly accurate as it will compute the age in terms of years, months and even days.

Creation Date

When was the domain registered / created over the internet for the very first time.

Date of Expiry

The tool will also convey the tentative date of that domain’s expiry.

Last Updated

Our tool will convey the exact date the domain was last updated.

Why is Domain Age Important?

There are literally billions of domains registered over the web. No two domains over the internet can be deemed as equal. When evaluating your own or a competitor’s domain, you will have to give due consideration to its age.

This is where any domain age checker like the one designed by Helper Tools comes into play. In addition to the age, our tool will convey many additional info about the domain being analyzed.


Is Domain Age a Ranking Factor?

This is a very tough question to answer in black and white as search engines are super secretive about their ranking algorithms. Still, domain age is considered among vital ranking factors by many SEO experts.

Consider a domain similar to any physical business concern. The more time a business has been around, the more trust it will enjoy in the eyes of existing and new customers.

The same holds equally true for domains. Both search engines and web users attach high value to the age of a domain over the web. A website which has been around for many years will command a higher level of trust.

Misconception about Domain Age

However, one should not get carried away by the sole factor of domain age. There are other factors that carry far more weightage in awarding rank to a domain.  

Some of the other contributing factors are content quality, coverage, backlinks profile, user experience and uniqueness. The above factors and a few others work in tandem to improve your domain’s rank.


When considering the age of any domain, you will also have to give due consideration to its continuity over that period. Even a short break in continuity of the domain’s active status may indicate some underlying problem.

In cases where you are prospecting for a domain and there is a break in its continuity, there must be a logical explanation for that. Any unexplained discontinuity is indicative of something fishy.

Domain Age Usage Scenarios

Although you can use our tool just for informational purpose, but here are some specific usage cases:-

  • When prospecting for buying a domain, its age will help you evaluate it more accurately.
  • In cases where you are benchmarking the performance of your domain with those of competitors, the age of respective domains will be an important variable to consider.

Why Domain Age Checker by Helper Tools?

Our highly effective tool not only conveys the accurate age of a domain, it also offers many additional insights about any domain registered over the web.