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What is Backlink Checker?

 It is a highly intelligent solution by Helper Tools that enables you to monitor your backlinks, or those of your competitors. Backlinks should be an integral part of your content management strategy.

How to Use Backlink Checker?

Our tool is quite easy to use and does not require in depth IT and programming knowledge.

  • Enter the URL of the page for which you want to conduct the analysis. It can either be your website’s homepage or some other specific page.
  • Then, you will specify the type of report you want to generate from the tool. In one of the options, the tool will display the external links pointing to all the different pages of your domain.
  • If you want a more specific report, you can select the option that will display only those external links that are pointing to the specific page or URL you entered.
  • Once you have selected the type of backlink report, our tool will generate a complete backlink profile of the domain or specific URL that you entered.

Features of Backlink Checker

The Backlink Checker by Helper Tools is a very simple, yet highly effective tool that delivers an in depth backlink profile of your or competitor’s website, with the click of a button.

  • Using our tool, you can analyze the backlink profile of any domain or webpage on the internet.
  • You can also pinpoint the specific pages and keywords that have earned the most backlinks.
  • The tool will also display the domain or webpage from which the backlink was generated.
  • You can also view the exact anchor text that was used to generate a backlink.
  • The tool will also specify whether a backlink is “Follow” or “No Follow” in nature.

By knowing whether a link is “Follow” or otherwise, you can easily differentiate between substantive and irrelevant backlinks.

From an SEO perspective, you need to give weightage to only the “Follow” links, whether analyzing your own domain or that of your competitors.

It is pertinent to note that search engines index only the “Follow” category of backlinks, making them tangible and valuable for SEO and higher Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) ranking.

Whether you are auditing your own domain or that of your competitors, you will consider only the “Follow” type backlinks as they carry all the juice.

How to Take Advantage from Backlink Checker?

The comprehensive information delivered by our tool, if used to proper effect, will greatly improve your existing backlinks profile, which in turn will enhance your ranking in organic searches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

No matter how unique or high quality content you produce, it will keep underperforming in the absence of a strong backlink profile. You can consider backlinks as a recommendation to others, about your content, from a neutral platform. A strong backlink profile will enhance your SERP rankings and also help retain them.

Improve Backlink Profile?

This is a very crucial aspect of your overall efforts to rank higher and build Domain Authority (DA). Once you get a comprehensive report from our tool, you will be able to analyze both the type and quality of existing backlinks. This will highlight the strong and weak areas of your website from a backlinks perspective.

All your webpages with minimal to less backlinks need immediate attention. You have to accord priority to such pages in your link building efforts. Similarly, pages with more backlinks are theoretically doing well and need less attention. You can highlight good aspects of your frequently linked pages and incorporate them elsewhere.

New Backlinks?

Once our tool highlights those pages that are getting linked more frequently, you can reach out to the source websites which have linked back to you. By contacting them directly, you can explore new avenues of collaboration or gain new, quality backlinks from more of your content relevant to the linking source.

When you audit the backlink profile of your main competitors, you can identify the sources linking frequently to your competitor. You can also contact them and pitch your content as being more informative and higher in quality. In this way, you can potentially earn new backlinks through your competitors.

Competitor Audit?

Our highly versatile tool allows you to analyze the backlink profile of virtually every domain or webpage on the internet. Just enter the domain or URL of your competitor and gain access to its complete backlink profile. This will open up many new link building opportunities, by leveraging insights from competitors.

Quality over Quantity?

A very important aspect of backlinks is that quality of backlinks always reigns supreme over quantity, which runs contrary to the common belief. Most people tend to pursue quantity, with less consideration for quality of backlinks. This flawed strategy consumes more or less the same effort, but the results are substantially poor.

Whenever you are creating backlinks, always focus on getting links from relevant and authoritative sources. The thumb rule is that the domain which is linking back to you must either be equal or higher in authority (DA) than yours. There is a consensus that 10 quality backlinks carry more weightage than maybe 100 substandard ones.

Why Backlink Checker by Helper Tools?

Our tool is absolutely free. Obtain a comprehensive backlink profile of your as well as competitor’s domain or webpages.

Backlink Checker tool also distinguishes between the type of backlinks, so you pursue only value oriented and quality backlinks.

Improve your backlinks profile substantially with our industry leading tool and get higher SERP rankings over a short span of time.