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What is Alexa Rank Checker by Helper Tools?

This tool will calculate the authority of your website or domain in search engines using the Alexa Metric.

How to Use Alexa Rank Checker?

Our tool is very user friendly. To calculate Alexa Rank of any domain or website, all you need to do is enter the URL in the tool and press the “Submit” button.

In a matter of seconds, get a highly accurate Alexa Rank for the website.

Features of Alexa Rank Checker

These are some of the main features of our tool:-

Global Rank

This is the main feature of the tool which computes the Alexa Rank of the domain. This number is the global rank of a website relative to all other websites.

Lower the global rank of a website, the better it will do in Search Engine Results (SERP).


This metric will calculate the reach of your website, keeping in view the traffic over the past three months.

Popularity at

Our tool will confirm the target country for the domain, based on bulk of its traffic.

Regional Rank

This metric will calculate the Alexa Rank of the domain relative to its target country. This is a much targeted metric as compared to the Global Rank metric, which relates to the entire web as a whole.


This shows the number so backlins pointing to the given site.


To make it easier for you to interpret the tool’s results, you will also be able to see a graphical representation of your domain’s Alexa Rank over the past few months, relative to the current period.

Why is Alexa Rank Important?

Alexa Rank is one of the leading global metrics for determining a domain’s authority in terms of search engine rankings (SERP). The basis of this metric’s calculation are highly centered on user experience.

Factors that Influence Alexa Rank

Let’s discuss some key factors that will influence your domain’s Alexa Rank:-



Alexa does not rely on one time or real-time data. To make its results more reliable and remove any distortions, the metric takes into account your traffic over the past three months.

This eliminates any anomaly in traffic, especially ones that are related to seasonal trends. The tool also takes into account the source of the website’s traffic.


The tool’s algorithm duly takes into account the engagement level of visitors. Do they find the website intuitive and does it serve the user’s intent. This is one metric that is rapidly gaining a lot of importance.

How to Improve Your Alexa Rank

Let’s cover some key steps that will help improve your rank over time:-


Most content creators over the web tend to ignore this factor and face difficulties. The overall architecture of your website should be intuitive, user friendly and clutter free.

Further, your website should be easy to navigate and all menus should be laid out in a logical order. The type of font and color you use for your website will also influence the site’s overall appeal to visitors.


This is one of the major building blocks of your website or domain. Search Engine Crawlers are getting smarter with every passing minute in detecting plagiarized, keyword stuffed and substandard content.

You should focus on creating unique, engaging and value adding content over your website. The main intent of your content should be user satisfaction.


They are an inescapable reality of today’s web and can’t be underestimated at all. At all stages of content creation, give due importance to your target keywords and trending queries related to your keywords.

Avoid artificially stuffing your content with keywords here and there as modern search engine crawlers will punish your domain for this. Keyword Stuffing adversely affects user experience in many ways.


Alexa Rank duly considers your backlink profile when determining a domain’s authority. The golden rule to remember is focus on quality rather than quantity.

When building backlinks, your prime concern should be securing them from relevant and authentic sources. Ideally, the backlink should come from a domain with higher authority.

Tips for Using Alexa Rank

  • The working and rank of Alexa is independent of whether you install its toolbar or not.
  • Alexa Rank of your domain will not improve over time by default, you will have to work for it.
  • Changes in Alexa Rank are based on three month data, so be patient for any improvements.
  • Monitor your rank every quarter and analyze your content management strategy accordingly. 

Why Alexa Rank Checker by Helper Tools?

Our tool is highly reliable and capable. It can simultaneously generate the Alexa Rank for five different domains which is a great feature. Use our free tool and improve your ranking in SERPs over time.